Our Litigation Department has the depth and diversity to meet our clients’ legal needs, and is able to draw upon a broad range of experiences, including that of a former prosecutor, a former assistant general counsel to the Governor of the State of Florida and decades of collective litigation experience in representing plaintiffs and defendants in federal and state courts, as well as before administrative bodies and arbitration tribunals.  Our litigation team has successfully represented our clients in various areas.  Multilingual and multicultural, our litigation team has handled litigation matters involving various foreign jurisdictions in Latin America as well as the Caribbean, and has litigated numerous matters relating to forum non conveniens.

Business Litigation

Business disputes often involve complex maters, but our team of lawyers can draw on the perspective and judgment developed over years of experience to simplify and clarify the issues for litigation or resolution.  Our litigation team has prosecuted and defended a wide range of business disputes including: partner, shareholder, and officer/director disputes; breach of contract; fraud; confidentiality, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements; tortious interference; theft of trade secrets; injunctions; the appointment of receivers; fiduciary duty claims; corporate waste; corporate dissolution; piercing the corporate veil; and conversion and civil theft.

Labor & Employment

In the ever-changing world of labor and employment law, clients need a team of lawyers who can assess their needs and develop effective solutions for them.  At Zumpano Castro, the Labor and Employment team is comprised of lawyers who are well-versed in labor and employment law.  As effective litigators, we are prepared to counsel or litigate a wide range of labor and employment matters.  Our Labor and Employment litigators have represented clients in various levels of litigation from administrative proceedings to federal and state courts.  We efficiently, aggressively and effectively resolve disputes both in and out of the courtroom, including pre-suit resolution and mediation.

Real Property/Construction Litigation

Our attorneys have proven themselves in the field of real property litigation, successfully handling a broad array of matters including commercial foreclosures, actions to quiet title, unit-owner disputes, maintenance claims and assignment of rents evictions, construction defect and construction lien litigation, board litigation, condominium and homeowner association (HOA) disputes, and commercial lease disputes.  We have represented developers, contractors, architects, engineers, materialmen and property owners alike.


On cases that cannot or should not be settled, our team has the necessary trial experience to place our clients at ease.  This allows Zumpano Castro to provide our insurance company clients a cost effective strategy that strengthens defenses while minimizing their exposure.  With insurance fraud and abuse on the rise, our dedicated team strives to challenge those claims that abuse the legal system and fight frivolous lawsuits that threaten the goals of our clients.  These sensitive matters require attorneys who can think outside the box in order to promptly identify and tackle these issues.  Zumpano Castro and its lawyers are approved counsel by several insurance carriers.


Our litigation team has broad experience with arbitrations, from the application of arbitration provisions in contracts, through the arbitration hearing and the enforcement of arbitration awards.  Our lawyers have experience before the American Arbitration Association (AAA), International Center for Dispute Resolution (ICDR), and FINRA (formerly NASD) in representing litigants and even as party-appointed arbitrator.


The experience and preparedness of Zumpano Castro’s litigation team ensures that our clients never negotiate from a position of weakness, but we understand that not every case needs go to trial.  We regularly approach mediation as a preparation for trial in order to effectively advance our clientsʼ settlement position.