Election Law

Zumpano Castro has the experience to meet client needs in a full range of elections and ethics law issues.  The firm has represented city commissioners, mayors, county commissioners, state representatives, state senators, the Governor and members of Congress on a variety of election and ethics law issues.  We have successfully defended elected officials and candidates before the Florida Elections Commission and Florida Commission on Ethics on a variety of compliance issues as well as litigating different types of election litigation throughout courts in Florida.

One of our partners served as the Deputy General Counsel to Florida Governor Jeb Bush and was responsible for assisting the Governor’s General Counsel with overseeing all legal aspects affecting the Governor’s Office, as well as the Governor’s 17 executive agencies.  Additionally, he has advised the General Counsel and Governor Bush on agency actions, pending litigation, executive orders, legislative bills, constitutional issues, judicial and executive appointments, Cabinet issues, suspension of elected officials, public records law, and constituent legal issues.

The firm has advised electioneering communication organizations, political committees, corporations, nonprofit entities (501(c)(4)s), ballot initiative groups and political parties in matters involving the following topics:


  • Lobbying regulations

  • Election / Ethics Law Compliance

  • Incorporating and managing various types of political entities

  • Election contests / recounts

  • Ballot language and referendum eligibility requirements

  • Campaign finance regulations and compliance

  • Political advertisement and disclaimer issues


Zumpano Castro is prepared to handle any and all types of election and/or ethics law issues that might arise for political candidates, elected officials or private entities engaged in the political process at the municipal, county or state level in Florida.